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The RYA Powerboat Level 2 course is the perfect course for beginners to better their boat-handling. It is also the course required by the superyacht industry to drive their tender boats. We run the RYA Powerboat Level 2 boat training course every:

Tuesday & Wednesday
Thursday & Friday
Saturday & Sunday

The course can be taught either on your own boat or on our school boat.

This course is available as a ladies only course if requested. Sometimes we find that girls just like to stick together and prefer to learn about boating without having guys on the course. We have run many of these ladies only courses and find that they have been very well received.

About the RYA Level 2 Course

The RYA Level 2 Powerboat course is designed for people who want to learn how to drive their boat like a professional. Many of our clients have commented that they were initially given some pointers by a neighbour or relative but after attending this course said it was a whole different insightful experience. Have a read of our testimonial below to get a flavour for one of these courses.

This course can be run on either a one to one basis or a maximum of 3 students to 1 instructor. This allows the students quality practical training and a great learning experience. It will also enhance any previous training that you may have done on a theory course.

This qualification is valid internationally and you will be awarded a photo ID which will be accepted as a license in many countries around the world where a license is required to operate a boat.


2 days

This course is conducted on a boat and gives tuition in the following practical areas:

  • Launch & Recovery
  • Turning in confined spaces
  • Coming alongside under a variety of situations
  • Good general boat handling
  • High speed safety considerations
  • Anchoring
  • How to recover a Man Overboard
  • Emergency situations such as grounding and collisions

Theory aspects covered include:

  • Basic Chartwork
  • Tides
  • Collision Regulations/Rules of the road
  • Knots

By the end of this course you should feel a lot more confident about your boat handling. You will be able to determine how to drive a boat relative to the wind and tide. You will also have a good appreciation how to react in common emergency situations and daily operations.

Course Review

Below is a review from a client:

Wow,It was such an awesome educational experience for me and a brilliant introduction to power boating. We started the day with learning to read charts and this was so helpful as it took away the the heavy theoretical approach by helping me understand things at a practical usable level. after grasping the fundamentals of chart reading we were then introduced to the boat which was a rubber inflatable with a hard solid hull. here we were instructed on the key matters relating to the motor, then it was down to the jetty. here useful information was shared around launching in differing environments, how to tie up with spring lines and bow lines and the functions they perform. This then progressed to hands on drills on the water getting use to throttle control in reversing moving forward coming along side turning in confined spaces ( which I totally sucked at but it was still fun.) We had lunch then it was out on the harbour at full tilt boogie doing u turns, figure eights, man over board drills and being always instructed on how to stay safe, always thinking ahead in terms of being prepared and dealing with any emergency situation. Did I learn? absolutely, Was it fun? hell yeah Id do it again. Was it value for money, how is one to quantify the learning, fun, practicality and instruction that was second to none. (In my field I train the trainers) I would again really like to thank Andy for the simplicity the encouragement and insightful way that he shared taught and allowed us to make cock-ups. I have no reservations in recommending this course, I intend on stepping to the next level of power boating.

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