The 2 Golden Rules of Anchoring

The 2 Golden Rules of Anchoring

One of the most important aspects of anchoring is setting your anchor and taking a transit to ensure the anchor is holding. Recently we were in Oneroa bay and when the wind picked up to 20Kts about 7 boats began to drag. The reason for ALL of these boats dragging was because of 2 factors:

  1. They did not let out 4-6 times the depth of water allowing for HIGH TIDE.
  2. They did not back up on their anchor to set it and take a transit.

Anchoring is not a black mystical art, it is easy but far too many people make it really difficult for themselves by not following the 2 simple factors above.

There are obviously some other things to consider when anchoring, however nothing is as important as the above 2 points to ensure you wake up in the same place you went to sleep.

Because this is becoming an increasingly common issue in NZ bays we have decided to make a short video explaining point 2 above, it is definitely worth having a look at.


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