We have been asked by a lot of people to produce a basic generic launch and recovery checklist. The below list is a good basic guide. Obviously your vessel may differ so don’t treat this list as conclusive, it’s just a guide to offer some basic help.


Before leaving home:


  1. Engine trimmed fully up
  2. Engine trailer lock in position
  3. Flag on engine
  4. Stern strop tightly secure to trailer
  5. Safety chain connected to boat trailer eye
  6. Electrics connected and trailer lights working
  7. Trailer safety chain connected to vehicle
  8. Any antennas lowered
  9. All loose items in boat removed or secured


Upon arriving at launch site:


  1. Remove stern strop
  2. Remove prop flag
  4. Remove engine trailer lock
  5. Rig appropriate fenders and lines
  6. Raise antennas and/or navigation lights
  7. Remove trailer light board if required
  8. Check hull for any road damage
  9. Allow 10 mins for wheel bearings to cool
  10. Only remove boat safety chain when trailer is in the water




  1. Raise engine before pulling trailer out of water
  2. Remove bung
  3. Ensure boat is level
  4. Flag on engine
  5. Stern strop attached
  6. Electrics are attached and trailer lights working
  7. Safety chain on boat and trailer attached
  8. Antennas/lights lowered
  9. All loose items removed or secured
  10. Engine trailer lock in position