Top 10 Boating Apps For New Zealand

Top 10 Boating Apps For New Zealand

Welcome to the Top 10 Boating Apps For New Zealand. We have decided to put together a little list of useful Apps and websites which most boaties will find of interest.

1. Windguru


Windguru is one of the best weather websites we have found. It breaks the weather down into easily read 3 hourly sections. While this App predicts the weather in hundreds of spots around the world we have found this App to be very accurate for New Zealand.

Not only does it give wind speed in easy to read format, it also provides wave height, wave period, rain, cloud cover and temperature.

The App itself could be displayed a bit prettier, but it does the job. The information from this App is also available at which we personally find a bit more pleasent to read as you can see the week at a glance.

All in all, it’s a great App and best of all it’s free!


2. Linz Tide Times

Ok so it’s not really an App but a website, but what a great website! It gives the tidal information for everywhere around New Zealand.

3. Navionics