RYA Boat Courses in Auckland New Zealand

RYA Boat Courses in Auckland New Zealand

RYA boat courses in New Zealand

RYA Boat Courses in New Zealand have just received a spruce up. If you have ever thought about boat training then there is no better time then now for quality courses and lessons.

Are you new to boating or quite experienced and looking to up-skill? Well now there is a new style of course in New Zealand to help boaties of all levels. It is the RYA practical on-the-water courses. The days of the old school style sitting in a classroom and just learning theory seem numbered. The RYA is essentially to boating as Padi is to SCUBA diving. It is an internationally recognised structure and has been in existence for over 40 years, but has just recently become established in New Zealand.Full information on the RYA can be obtained HERE

The huge benefit of these courses are that they are recognised in a large number of countries around the world, and they are taught on a boat.

The RYA courses cater for every level of knowledge and experience. The following are levels of RYA Courses:

RYA Level 1

RYA Level 2

RYA Intermediate

RYA Advanced

If you have absolutely no experience on boats, we would recommend the RYA level 1. If you have been out on boats a few times with friends and have a bit of an idea, we would recommend the RYA level 2. If you have been operating boats for a few years and wish to know what more there is to learn we would say have a look at the RYA intermediate course and finally for those who are very experienced but perhaps now looking for confidence for night operation we offer the RYA advanced course.

We have had some fantastic feedback about these courses and they look to be the way of the future education.

The beauty of theses RYA courses is that they can be taught on our school boat or we can hop onto your boat and learn in your environment at your pace.

For more information about these exciting enjoyable confidence building courses why not get in touch with us.




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