Help With Maritime New Zealand’s New MOSS

Help With Maritime New Zealand’s New MOSS


Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) is in the process of completely revising and changing the current Safe Ship Management (SSM) system to what will be known as MOSS or Maritime Operator Safety System. This means that anyone operating a boat commercially will be required to ensure all their documentation is compliant with the new legislation. The new MOSS system clearly places all compliance requirements on the operator and removes the old SSM companies.

The problem is most operators don’t have the time to research and maintain compliance as it is going to be a huge change requiring a significant amount of time producing new operating manuals, risk assessments, emergency policies etc.

This is where Powerboat Training can help. We have become somewhat of the industry experts regarding this new MNZ MOSS system and are in a position to do all the hard work for you. We will start with a consultancy phase where we get to know your operation intimately and due to our powerboat operation experience we will be able to provide all relevant documents and manuals for you. The time requirement from you will be minimal and all that is required is a short initial consultancy after which we will complete the design and implementation process.

So if you are looking for a hassle free conversion to the new MNZ MOSS system DROP US A LINE and we can run through your options.



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