Build your boating confidence.

Build your boating confidence.

Here at Powerboat Training NZ we have a passion for safety on the water at all times and strive for continual boating education. We are actively encouraging people to let us help them build confidence with their boats.

We offer some great afloat courses such as the RYA courses, where we teach our students out on the water. These courses are also internationally recognised so when you get one of these licenses it is valid in many countries around the world where a boat license is a legal requirement.

As part of our continuing commitment to help struggling boaties in New Zealand, we are running a “take an instructor” initiative. We have found that people who are new to boating can be a bit nervous to begin with and just need some support and guidance.Well, we have the answer. Why not contact us and we can send an instructor to wherever you are and they will hop on the boat with you for the days activities. Our instructors are pretty good all rounders and can go over everything with you on your boat that may be troubling you.

Perhaps your GPS doesn’t make sense and you have no idea of it’s functionality. Perhaps you are having trouble anchoring. Maybe you have never even switched that radar on because you can’t find the on switch! Heck we can even help you with that new softbait rig you are struggling to come to terms with.

Whatever your boating problems are, give us a call and ask us what we can do for you. We have a policy of “No problem is to big or small” we can help.

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