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Boat Fires – Nowhere To Run

Due to the ample supply of fuel and lack of sprint area, fire is every mariner’s worst nightmare. Never has the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ been more appropriate. Despite this, most people don’t give this emergency situation more thought than throwing a token $30 half KG fire extinguisher [...]

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Launch And Recovery; The Slippery Slope.

For a day’s entertainment and education I suggest our students grab a bag of popcorn and head to one of Auckland’s busy public launch ramps on a sunny Saturday morning. There seem to be some very creative boaties out there devising all manner of spectacular methods to break their boat [...]

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Boating In Rough Weather

My many years as an instructor for the UK’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution has taught me that some of the most serious accidents at sea are also some of the easiest to prevent. With so many recent boating fatality stories in the media recently, now is a prudent time to [...]

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Always Use Your Boat’s Killcord

Why is the kill cord so important? The kill cord, is a lanyard designed to stop your boat's engine in the event of you falling overboard. It also shuts the engine off if you are knocked away from the helm position. The last thing you want is for your boat [...]

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RYA Yachtmaster PPR (Professional Practices And Responsibilities) Course

    If you have recently completed your RYA Yachtmaster course and require it to be commercially endorsed, you must complete the new PPR or 'Professional Practices and Responsibilities" course. Online PPR Course Great news... It's a completely online course that you can take at a time to [...]

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Pros And Cons Of Choosing An Aluminium Or Fiberglass Boat.

Fiberglas Versus Aluminium Boats   I have been asked on many occasions, which type of boat hull is best and I thought it would make the subject of an interesting article. I have heard many a salty sea dog argue the toss over which makes the better hull. The problem [...]

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Cardinal Buoy Quiz

What is wrong with the scene below? Scroll down for the answer.             . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                 [...]

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Christmas Boating Gift Voucher

CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS   We are offering Christmas gift vouchers for all our courses. If you are interested drop us a line and we can prepare a voucher for you. Contact us HERE  

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RYA Powerboat Level 2 Syllabus

Below is what is covered on the RYA Level 2 Powerboat Course: Power Boat Level 2 Section A Practical Launching and recovery Knowledge of: * Use of a trailer or launching trolley * Consideration of launching and sea conditions, including hazards and obstructions * Number of persons required to launch/recover [...]

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Dayskipper Course Discount.

We only have 2 spaces left for our Dayskipper course running on the 15/09/12 and 16/09/12. The Normal price is $250, but as we have a couple of spaces left, we can offer these at a discount to fill the remaining places. If you can make this weekend and would [...]

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