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Powerboat Training NZ is owned by Andrew Flanagan who is originally from the west coast of Ireland but emigrated to Auckland in 2009.

Andrew was an instructor for the UK’s RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) and was responsible for teaching maritime Search and Rescue to over 2,500 crewmembers throughout Europe. He then operated as a commander for BP on the North Sea for many years prior to moving to New Zealand.

Powerboat Training NZ employs a small core team of instructors who are specialists in boating education and are all professionally qualified instructors. We do not employ instructors who lack a strong commercial background.

Of equal importance to us is that our students will enjoy spending the day with our team. We don’t like the old stereotypical boating instructor image of the fuddy-duddy old retired white bearded captain who knows everything about ships but very little about a Rayglass 2500!

Andrew Flanagan – Owner Powerboat Training

Our team are all dynamic and passionate about boating and we have a sense of humour, which will hopefully add to the enjoyment of your boating course as well as learning how to safely operate your boat.

Our core business is teaching powerboat courses and this therefore is our speciality. There is not a single production powerboat available in New Zealand that we have not taught on!